Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Once a leader, now a follower...

Since I've discovered that everyone and their dog has a blog (and seriously, dogs have blogs!), I decided that I felt left out. I too must blog. Although I hate the word "blog." So, I too must tell my tales. However, if the truth be known...I have been trying to talk my good pal Jahni into starting a blog for quite some time. She is hilarious and has much to say. The world needs to hear it. So, I played the "If I blog, will you?" card to get her started. Her blog is WWjD: What would Jahni Do...and can be found here: Check her out, you can thank me later!

Jahni - I've outed you to the world! Except that you are the only one that knows about my blog, so I think your secret is safe. For now.

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