Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kari's Favorite Thing #7

#7 Intervention AK-Pure Blemish Gel
by Laboratoire Dr. Renaud

This is a miracle in a bottle! I discovered this little beauty secret about two weeks ago. And of course, it takes me a week to remember to use it. If you use this stuff at the first inkling of a blemish, the blemish will just disappear! If it's too late and the blemish has already popped up, dab it on and that little sucker will shrink and disappear in about a day or two.

The main ingredients are listed as: Japanese Camphor, complex sugars,and glycolic acid. I paid $18 at a spa and have seen it on the internet for about $20 as well. It is well worth it. Others I know swear by it as well. Run, don't walk and snatch some up! You'll thank me...and Dr. Renaud!

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