Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kari's Favorite Thing #8


WEEDS airs on Showtime. Here is Showtime's description of the show:

"Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) struggles with the sudden death of her husband and agonizes over how she'll support and raise two young boys on her own. Without any discernable career skills, the widow Botwin finds good paying work as the local pot dealer in the pristine, new LA suburb known as Agrestic. There's definitely a double meaning when this girl puts on her Mary Janes."

I love this show. I don't even have Showtime. My good friend Jahni gave me her DVD of Season One after her father threatened to send her to military school if she didn't get that trash out of his house! Well, I watched the entire season one weekend and was hooked! Hooked on Weeds! I then downloaded season two from itunes and watched it, usually at work! (Don't tell on me!) Season three just ended on Showtime, and damn it, I still don't have Showtime. Those who know me know I would NEVER EVER download anything illegally from the internet. But, I have heard that the show is available out there on the world wide web. This friend I know has watched it that way. Not me, my friend!

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