Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Say it isn't so!!!

We interrupt the 10-part series of Kari's Favorite Things to address a frightening issue. Our worst fears have come true! (Well, maybe not our worst, chunky heeled shoes circa 1998 are NOT back in fashion) But the next worse thing might be...belly bearing clothes might be on the way back in for Spring 2008. It has been reported in New York Magazine's "Three is a Trend" that the the runways of Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, and Anna Sui recently included midriff bearing styles.

This is NOT okay with me. Shame on you Marc, Phillip, and Anna! Is this a sick little joke the three of you are playing on us? It would be one thing if this would stay contained to the runways and the pages of magazines. But it won't. It would even be okay if people were blessed with the ability to self-edit their own fashion choices. But they aren't. This horrid little trend will trickle on down to the streets of Anytown, USA where no place will be safe! We will no longer be able to go shopping, dining, bowling (ok, this trend never did leave the bowling alleys), etc. without our eyes melting out of our heads after seeing the multitudes of bare-skinned muffin tops peeking out of the belly shirts! From tweenagers to cougars on the prowl, they'll be bellies galore! I hope you'll be able to sleep at night after the horror you have inflicted upon the public!

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