Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you committing a deadly sin?

The Vatican has decided to add 7 more sins to the original 7 deadly sins. Thanks to Brad Pitt and the movie Seven, we are all familiar with the 7 original deadly sins:

1. Lust
2. Greed
3. Pride
4. Sloth
5. Envy
6. Gluttony
7. Wrath

Well, as if that wasn't enough to worry about, there are 7 new "social" deadly sins. We now have 14 express lanes straight to eternal hell-fire and damnation! The new sins are:

1. ``Bioethical' violations such as birth control
2. ``Morally dubious'' experiments such as stem cell research
3. Drug abuse
4. Polluting the environment
5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor
6. Excessive wealth
7. Creating poverty

Beware SUV driving soccer moms! You are no longer safe! That gas-guzzling environmental killer of yours will get you black-balled from heaven!

You can read more about it here:,1,4556764.story

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