Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A new shopping addiction

I have developed a whole new level of retail abuse. Much like alcohol abuse, my retail abuse problem includes periods of binging and purging (much more binging than purging). Here is the problem...super-secret-members only-discount sales!!!

I am now a member of at least 4-5 different groups. One site in particular sells one baby/child item each day for at least 50% off. Each day I check out what the item is and damn near every day, I buy the damn thing. I (Kate) don't need it, I (Kate) don't even want it, but if you tell me it used to cost $99 and I can have it for $39, I CAN'T SAY NO. What if I (Kate) decide I (Kate) need it some day.

I am the proud owner of several blankets, play mats, boots, diaper bags, travel bags, books, baby legs tights, clothes and shoes (some of which won't even fit for a year) and various other items that I ordered. You have to act fast or they will sell out, and what if I don't buy that pair of beach socks to protect her feet in the sand while they are 50% off!!!??? What kind of mother wouldn't want to protect her baby's feet in the sand.

Someone needs to stop me! Block the website from my computer.

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