Monday, March 2, 2009


I think being a Twitter user makes it hard for me to post anything longer than 140 characters! This blogging everyday thing is pretty tough. So, I've decided I don't have to be lengthy at all. Here is a random sampling of thoughts for the day.

(1) I am very sick. Go home from work early sick. Laying in my office on my sofa covered with my coat near the space heater sick. Upside...maybe I'll loose the last of that baby weight.

(2) What is the definition of a white lie? Is it an insignificant lie or is it a lie that must be told to save the feelings of another? I think the latter. I told a white lie today.

(3) Hot Spaghettios feels way better on my throat than soup.

(4) My shoes don't go with my outfit today, but I was forced to wear them b/c it is the only clean outfit I have left and the shoes that go with it are too tall and make me look like an idiot in flood pants. I had to make a judgment call and these shoes are less likely to be noticed than flood pants.

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