Thursday, July 16, 2009

Such a disappointment...

I've been watching Tori & Dean on the Oxygen channel. It's one of the many brain-numbing reality shows I watch. In watching the show and reading about Tori in the media, I learned that she was launching a kids line of clothing, Little Maven. I got pretty excited for Baby Kate because there really aren't many fahion-forward choices for baby girls without spending a fortune.

Well, I caught a glimpse on Bloomingdale's website today. I was very disappointed to see a few pieces that were a little too Missoni for my comfort. Missoni is famed for it's knit wear of multi-colored stripes and patterns. Just like Burberry plaid, Missoni knitwear is identifiable upon first glance. I don't understand the need to steal concepts from other designers. In fact, I think it is deplorable. Anyone who knows me knows that like the animal rights folks, I'd like to throw blood, I mean red paint, on people's counterfeit/knockoff items.

Tori, this is your first season! If you are already knocking off designers in your first collection, will you ever come up with original items? It makes me not want to buy ANY items from the collection. - Such a disappointment.

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  1. That's such a bummer, once there's something original and awesome, don't mess with it. It really does look like a Missoni piece.
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